Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Kids?


Adhering to a vegan diet can have many benefits for adults. Many followers find that they feel much better and healthier after cutting out all animal products from their meals. But is a vegan diet okay for kids? Kids need lots of vitamins and nutrients for their growing bodies. But there is some concern that when a child is given a strict vegan diet, they don’t get all their dietary needs met. This is especially worrisome when caregivers don’t properly follow a diet for their children that includes additional supplements that they need.

An expert told the Guardian UK that, “Vegan children can be deficient in vitamin D, calcium, iron and possibly vitamin B12, so they need supplements.” Also, a vegan diet doesn’t include energy dense foods so they have to eat a large quantity to meet those needs, and many kids just don’t eat enough. They also miss out on amino acids that other kids get from fishes and meats.

But vegan child do eat way more fruits and vegetables than most of their peers. The lesson learned from all this? If you opt to have your child go vegan, make sure you get all the info of what their bodies need.

Would you ever consider to have your kids go vegan?

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