Is Blogging Affecting Your Health?

Image Credit: HealthNFitnessJournal

About two months ago, I developed a recurring eye twitch.  It was persistent and, unlike a once-in-awhile twitch that isn’t uncommon, this one actually interfered with my activities by forcing me to stop what I was doing.  Of course, I Googled “eye twitch triggers” and, in addition to stress, strain from looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time was right up there on the list of possible causes.  The recommended remedy is to take breaks every 10 to 15 minutes to give your eyes a break.  Not the most practical advice for a blogger (or even a professional who has to spend most of their day working on a computer).  Once I had self-diagnosed (gotta love the Internet), I got to thinking: What other health consequences am I suffering from as a result of spending 10+ hours a day in front of a computer?

I turned to fellow blogger and friend, Ananda Leeke, who is a yogi and has offered sessions specifically tailored to bloggers.  She had this to say:

As bloggers, we consume a lot of information with our eyes as we stare at screens on our desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and netbooks.  We give our hands, fingers, and wrists a keyboard workout when we type on our tech tools.  Many of us sit for long hours while we are online. How we sit and the length of time we spend sitting may cause stiffness and tightness in our necks, shoulders, backs, hips, thighs, and legs. Some of us experience stress while we are online which may cause headaches.  That stress may appear as tightness in our facial muscles, necks, and shoulders.  Incorporating the practices of unplugging from our tech tools, office yoga, and deep breathing exercises into our daily routine can help us take better care of our bodies, release stress, and manage our digital lives with more ease and grace.

In fact, Ananda is offering a series on online yoga classes for social media users starting December 5th as part of Digital Sisterhood Month.

And since she mentioned unplugging from our tech tools daily, it made me realize that time that could otherwise be spent walking, exercising, meditating or doing something to benefit my body, is spent online tweeting, posting status updates, blog posts or surfing the Web.  As part of my resolutions for 2012, I am planning to make a point to cut back on my screen time and tune into my body instead.

My twitching eye isn’t giving me much choice!