Is Candy Medicine the New Candy Cigarette?


candycigaretteRemember candy cigarettes? So much fun pretending to be so bad? I haven’t seen them on store shelves for years, so I’ve got to assume marketers saw the danger of hooking kids with candy.

But I wonder: is the new trend toward diguising kids medicines as gummy candies really any better?

The gelatinous blobs have sold like hotcakes to parents who have struggled to make their children swallow the traditional pediatrician-prescribed multi-vitamin. The fight to take your fiber pill becomes a non-entity when you’re promising them, “you can have a gummy this morning!”

And here’s where I’m going to play the grinch. I’m not going to argue they’re easier to serve up, but should we really teach our kids that medicines are like candy?

Like those sweet slim ciggies before them, the gummy meds are parading something potentially dangerous in a candy form.  Even “good for you” medicines like vitamins, which can reach toxic levels when overconsumed.  Even those fiber treats, meant to keep your kids from getting blocked up, can cause the exact opposite when they get hold of the bottle of sweets and go to town.

So let’s weigh this out – toxic possible overdose versus a morning fight. Which are you going to pick?

Image: MyCalorieCounter

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