Is It Even Possible To Prepare For Motherhood? [Video]


No matter how much you research the latest gear, read all the baby blogs, and study all the books, can one ever truly be prepared for motherhood? Andrea Bowland recently lamented, Parent Fail: I didn’t count on motherhood being so hard. Even I, admittedly not a type-A personality, can relate. Because I am also an eternal optimist, but whoa did motherhood throw me for a loop.

Being a parent is like being on the scariest rollercoaster- and there is no getting off. It’s thrilling and frightening all at the same time, and you just never know from day to day what is to come next. Who knew you could love this much? How do you know if you’re even doing a good job?

In a recent live production called Listen To Your Mother, Elizabeth Chatwell– a woman who had it all under control and dared motherhood to BRING IT ON- found she would learn quite a different lesson plan. She tearfully asks what many moms secretly wonder, “What if I’m failing and there’s no way to check my progress?” and she delivers it so passionately and honestly in the video, Motherhood: Is there any extra credit for this?


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