Is Sookie Stackhouse a Good Fit for Sesame Street?

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Is Sookie a good fit for Sesame Street?

Word got around yesterday that Katy Perry‘s duet with Elmo would not be aired on Sesame Street as planned. Parental outrage made PBS decision-makers think twice about bringing the barely clad, busty singer to living rooms around the world.

Some argued it wasn’t the cleavage that bothered them as much as Sesame Street giving this insipid and naughty singer their stamp of approval. I wonder what those folks think, then, about the Street’s shout-out to television’s True Blood. There’s no naughtiness between the muppet-ified Sookie Stackhouse and Bill, but still, “True Mud” is certainly a wink to hot and heavy vampire show and best-selling series of books.

Here’s the clip:

Katy Perry and her yellow dress made for much more universally interesting viewing. The “True Blood”/”True Mud” bit relies heavily on inside knowledge of the show.

Is Sesame Street getting too deep into grown-up pop culture and too far away from its roots? Heck, even The Count doesn’t make a cameo in this vampire clip. Is he bitter? Or looking for higher quality programming?

Don’t miss this Katy/Elmo parody.

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