Is Kindergarten Too Young to Start Sex Education?


iStock_000019989349XSmallKindergarten was once a time to merely learns educational basics like the ABCs, but now some schools may be adding in lessons about the birds and the bees.

According to, Chicago Public Schools is now considering a proposal that would begin teaching some parts of sexual education in kindergarten. Yes, kindergarten.

But don’t worry, it won’t get X-rated. The teachings will be “age-appropriate.” Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, said in a statement, “it is important that we provide students of all ages with accurate and appropriate information so they can make healthy choices in regards to their social interactions, behaviors, and relationships.” Younger students would learn about “appropriate and inappropriate touching and feelings,” fourth graders will learn about puberty and the HIV virus, and in fifth grade they will learn about, “reproduction, contraception, and the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS.”

And while the kindergarteners won’t be learning about reproduction, some parents are upset that it will be talked about as a subject at school at all.

“I just don’t think it’s appropriate,” Melissa Diebold, a mother with kids in the district said.  “I don’t think its age appropriate. They have no concept of anything like that at that stage in life.”

Do you think that introducing children to these concepts this early does more harm than good?
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