Is My Blog Sustainable?


I’ve just spent the afternoon going over spreadsheets! I know, no fun. But if you are blogging for anything more than a hobby, it’s a task you can’t avoid. And if you are like most bloggers I know, it’s one of the tasks we will do anything we can to avoid. Because powering up Excel and opening up the ledger requires that we ask ourselves this stomach-turning question: is my blog sustainable?

I don’t know your particular situation — whether your blog is your main source of income, for grocery money, or support your Starbucks habit, or to keep you sane. I don’t know what your magic number is — the number you need to make monthly to justify the babysitter or the web hosting/maintenance fees, or conference tickets. But it would be good if you did.

Like I’ve said earlier this week, this time of year is a great time to do some soul-searching. Thinking about your vision and mission is important. How you intend to support your vision/mission AND yourself is also important.

Sustainability is defined by as “pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse.”

Sustainability does not have to be about the cash. Maybe your blog isn’t revenue generating in and of itself — you don’t get paid by the post or whatnot. But it could be that your blog is what fuels your consulting practice. Maybe your blog helps you promote your business’s product. Even in that context, the conversation (internal or external) about sustainability is a good one to have — making sure that the energy your putting into it is returned in some form, and whatever that return is enough for you to continue to do it without “stressing the system,” as it were.

Have you asked yourself, “Is my blog sustainable?”

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