Is Prenatal Testing Worth The Risk?

Pregnancy is a source of worry as well as joy
Pregnancy is a source of worry as well as joy

Babble features a heartbreaking story this week from a woman who lost her first pregnancy through prenatal testing. She knew the risks, and made the best decision she could for herself and her family. Like any mom would. Sometimes you just get incredibly unlucky.

She’s still heartbroken over losing her baby, but after going through two more pregnancies and experiencing the agony of other testing approaches, she feels a little vindicated: every approach to prenatal testing has it’s risks. The key, she writes, is to know yourself. Know what you can live with, know the risks, and make your choice.

I’ve written here before about my decision not to do any of the prenatal testing offered me. I’d have the baby I had, I reasoned. I was ten years younger than this mom when I made that choice, though.

What prenatal tests did you choose? Would you make the same choice again? Does it seem worth the risk that you might lose a healthy baby, like this mom did?

Photo: Sean McGrath

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