Is Table (and Pillow) Talk Becoming Extinct?


Yesterday I was sitting at a restaurant enjoying breakfast and I watched a mother and daughter at a table nearby: the mom was on her smartphone and her maybe 4-year old daughter was playing a game on an iPad.  I couldn’t help thinking: “is technology harming our interpersonal relationships?”

I’m guilty.  Flipping open my laptop as soon as the kids are in bed to get started on my blog/social media work for the night, when I could be re-connecting with my husband at the end of the day or even chatting with family and friends on the phone (imagine that!).  In fact, read this old post of mine for a quick laugh.  I’m also guilty of handing off my phone to my kids when we’re waiting at the doctor’s office or encouraging them to bring their gaming devices in the car to keep them moderately quiet.

Consider the recent finding that 25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone from a survey conducted by BlogHer and Parenting Magazine:

Graphic Credit: AdAge


I know that “people” say that technology is helping our children to multitask and with hand-eye coordination and other skills, but is it hurting other things?  As I dug into my sweet potato pancakes, I just kept wondering what that mother and daughter might have been talking or laughing about had they not been distracted by the pull of LED screens.

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