Is The 17 Day Diet The Key To Weight Loss? One Mom Says Yes

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Moms all over are trying the 17 Day Diet, but does it work?

Looks like there is another diet making waves and everyone wants to know how this one is different. Will it help busy parents and new moms finally lose the baby weight … easily? While there is no magic secret for losing weight and keeping it off, other than careful eating and exercise, the 17 Day Diet has gone viral. On Facebook and Twitter, the eating plan is gaining a lot of attention, mostly for the dramatic results it seems to offer combined with the healthful options.

Mother of three, Rachel Wilcox, 38 tried the diet shortly after having her third child and is very happy with the results. In just the first 17 days, she lost 13 pounds. While dramatic weight loss can be an initial side benefit when you start any diet, Wilcox says it was not hard at all. That’s not something you normally hear unless it comes from an infomercial. But is it true?

The creator of the 17 Day Diet is Dr. Michael Moreno, a family practitioner who specializes in diabetes and diabetic complications. He says the key to the success of the diet is that every 17 days, you change what you’re eating which he calls metabolic confusion. ABC News describes the eating plan:

The plan has four cycles. Each cycle consists of 17 days where dieters vary the carbs, proteins, fruits and other kinds of foods they eat in order to stimulate their metabolism and promote weight loss. Each cycle unfolds in 17 days because that’s right before the time when the body starts to recognize the diet as a habit and metabolism starts to slow as a result, Moreno said. Dieters also walk for 17 minutes a day.

The plan seems simple enough and perhaps Dr. Moreno is on to something by creating a plan that specifically kickstarts the metabolism after a new baby or just after a certain age. While the plan doesn’t cut out any whole groups of foods, it does encourage dieters to make changes. Use fruit instead of sugar, use garlic and cinnamon often, and choose mustard rather than mayonnaise. No fruit or certain types of carbohydrates are allowed after 2 p.m. It also encourages eating Greek yogurt.

Wilcox swears she will stay on this plan for life after having tried all the other diets before that haven’t worked. She also says that her six sisters are all following the eating plan and so far, they have lost 111 collectively. Wilcox has lost 36 pounds in four months.

What I like about the plan is that the foods are basic and healthy. You don’t have to cut out any groups of foods. The idea of changing the plan every 17 days makes sense in one way because as Dr. Moreno points out, it keeps the plan fresh and new, while also changing up the body’s metabolism. Like any eating plan, the key is to stick with it and not go back to bad habits. For some it might work, for others it might not. It sounds nutritionally decent for most new moms.

Do you think the 17 Diet is just the latest dieting fad? Or does it really work? How did you lose the baby weight? Have you tried the 17 Day Diet?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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