Is The Zhu Zhu Pets Craze For Real?


zhu-zhu-pets-ebay-cheap-cropWe’ve read a lot about how Zhu Zhu Pets are in demand all over this great land of ours. It’s this year’s Cabbage Patch Kid, Tickle Me Elmo, or whatever. But is it possible that it was all a lot of hooey?

During the snowstorm, I was dispatched to CVS for some last minute drugstore items. To my surprise, I saw on the shelves a pile of Zhu Zhu Pets, the hottest toy in the land, on sale for the regular price of $9.99. I bought two, which was the most hamsters per shopper the store allowed.

My kids haven’t expressed an interest in Zhu Zhus, so I thought I would see what the going rate was on eBay. Guess what? The answer was “not much.” Check out this screenshot from December 20, 2009 (click to see full-size):


Although there have been numerous reports of these hamsters being more elusive than a cure for the common cold, it seems that eBay sellers have plenty of the popular Pets, often for less than the suggested retail price of $9.99. So perhaps Target over-reacted when they fired an employee for buying one of the little hamsters.

If anyone is still trying to get a Zhu Zhu to put under the tree and can’t find one, you may have some luck on eBay.

One trick seems to be the search terms. For example, prices are cheaper when you search for “zhu zhu hamster” than they are if you search for “zhu zhu pets“. At least they were when I last checked; your mileage, and Zhu Zhu prices, may vary.

Anyone out there have kids who were/are desperate for a Zhu Zhu hamster? Or was this all a big media creation?

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