Is Your Child Fat Because You Had a C-Section? New Study Says No.

Who is Blame When Your Child is Overweight?

Admit it, everyone loves a scapegoat. And if you can blame your child’s perceived flaws on someone else besides yourself, many a parent will jump to the finger pointing.

Now, let’s say your child is overweight.  Some, and I’m sure this is quite a small margin of mothers, would like to blame that on the fact that they had a C-section. Why?

Last year there was a study in Brazil (which has a very high rate of C-sections), that suggested that as Jezebel wrote there was “a link between a lack of exposure to certain bacteria in the birth canal during vaginal delivery to subsequent problems with the immune system and obesity.”

But you know those studies, once one comes out there will be one countering the finding. There is a brand new study that says that there are other big factors that one must take into account, “family income, birth weight, schooling and the mother’s weight, height, age and smoking habits.” Those elements? Those are all you. So why did the other study jump to the conclusion that C-sections were a factor? One doctor had the opinion that,  “the most simple explanation would be that more obese women require more Cesarean sections than lean women…and it’s really not the C-section itself.”

Did you have a C-section? Do you blame it for any factors about your child’s health?

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