iSample Machine Scans Faces So Kids Don't Get Free Dessert

iSmart Machine

Sorry kids, if you want a free desert from the iSample Machine, you’ll have to wait until you’re an adult. This high tech promotional tool is being used to market the Jell-O line Temptations, “the first Jell-O that’s just for adults.” The machine will dole out samples to passersby, but through its advanced face recognition it will only give samples to adults and kids will be denied. How does this work?

There is —-according to Digital Trends — reportedly a built in computer that will scan a person’s face and can figure out the users gender and approximate age.  If a child tries to get one of the free Jello samples, they will be denied.

There are two machines (Kraft teamed up with Intel on the production) being tested out right now, one at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and South Street Seaport in New York. If these go well, there will be more machines will be rolled out.

You know there will be many kids trying to “fool” the system by added glue on mustaches and trying to distort their face to get the machine’s over age approval. It may not work but I’m sure they’ll have fun trying.

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