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Glenn Beck Has Some Americans Fearing Islamic Socialism and a Muslim Caliphate

By carolyncastiglia |

islamic socialism, caliphate


Glenn Beck has been ranting a lot about the Middle East this week, suggesting that the revolution in Egypt is the seed of a “Muslim caliphate.”

He went on to say on his radio show, “We are talking about the end of the Western way of life if we don’t pay attention.”

Watchdog group Media Matters quoted him as saying:

I believe that I can make a case in the end that there are three powers that you will see really emerge. One, a Muslim caliphate that controls the Mideast and parts of Europe. Two, China, that will control Asia, the southern half of Africa, part of the Middle East, Australia, maybe New Zealand, and God only knows what else. And Russia, which will control all of the old former Soviet Union bloc, plus maybe the Netherlands. I’m not really sure. But their strong arm is coming. That leaves us and South America. What happens to us?

As I said on my personal blog, “I love that The Netherlands winds up as Russia’s afterthought.”  My daughter’s father is Dutch, and their language is difficult enough.  I can’t imagine my child having to learn the Cyrillic alphabet just so she can visit her Oma.

As for me, I’m not scared of Glenn Beck, and my mother isn’t either.  In fact, she used a perfect analogy the other night to describe Beck’s particular brand of infotainment.  Take a look:

Source: Media Matters

Photo via Flickr

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26 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Has Some Americans Fearing Islamic Socialism and a Muslim Caliphate

  1. J.Johnson says:

    Media matters continually tries to discredit Glenn Beck because Beck exposed George Soros for the animal that he is.

  2. Mitch Reed says:

    I have little doubt that what Mr. Beck says is correct. I have researched many of his statements, arguments, theories, and yes…rants. I haven’t found one of them that was not logical, spot-on, and backed up by the subjects of the attacks themselves.

    We need more Glenn Becks in our media.

  3. pcow says:

    For this news I want to say, that Egypt’s is a great Muslim country but now there are running some politics violence. I think it will be remove quickly. Muslim Socialism may be helpful for remove this situation. But my question western country how many support given after create Muslim Socialism.
    Go to the link and see exclusive video footage for news related area.

  4. dreana says:

    There is no need of Americans to worry what is needed in the world is democracy and not religious leaders or myths.-

  5. carolyncastiglia says:


  6. Gretchen Powers says:

    Wow Carolyn, the crazies came out to see your video. All I have to say is y’all are so cute and funny!!!!

  7. mdlwoods says:

    Before you poo-poo and bash Glenn, why don’t you do your own research on what he is saying? We do. He constantly tells his viewers to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH! We do. Why can’t you? Are you too ignorant to do so or do you just have your head so buried in the sand that you refuse to seek what might really be the truth? Its people like you that I will pity greatly when and if these things begin to come to pass.

  8. DonnaS. says:

    If people would take a week and watch Beck’s show and do their OWN research they would find that he is indeed spot on. We have all been duped for years by the liberal media & Progressive lies and now he’s exposing them. Do you think they are honestly going to sit by quietly? No. They are going to do everything they can do discredit the one who is exposing them. A true journalist is one who researches the facts and reports the truth no matter how much it hurts. People could learn a lot from Beck. And for the record, Media Matters, is a joke – yet another George Soros entity.

  9. carolyncastiglia says:

    Thanks, GP.

  10. Paul says:

    If you are such an open thinker, why do you cite Media Matters? They certainly are left leaning, from most accounts. Sure Glen Beck is on the right, but he certainly encourages someone to do their own research. I like anyone who puts forth an idea and encourages you to get more facts, and not get spoon fed.
    In the end, you should do your own homework. If you truly care about where your country is going, you owe it to yourself.
    or . . . don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story about bashing Glen.

  11. Steve Thorne says:

    Glenn Beck is a true patriot .Wake up America and defend our freedom no one will do it for you .Its time to stop being lazy and take up for our Country .We are under attack .Listen study and pay attention .That video shows how in the dark some are .God Bless Glenn his family and staff .

  12. Amanda says:

    Media Matters is not merely a “watchdog group” – they are an ultra-liberal organization that only goes after conservative news outlets, as some other posters have mentioned. Regardless of how you feel about Beck and his theories, you should have the intellectual honesty to truly identify your source for this story.

  13. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    I’d be very careful about Glenn Beck. You know what he did to that girl back in 1990…

  14. michelle says:

    OK, so if you can prove Glenn Beck correct by doing research, can you tell me what research you did and where I can find it? I want to be able to prove Glenn Beck correct too!

  15. Vicki says:

    God bless you Glenn Beck for having the courage to speak out truth. If we all don’t wake up soon, we’re in deep trouble.

  16. Snarky Mama says:

    I love it! So many of these sheep are just bleating “Do your own research.” Must be the Glenn Beck version of “Seacrest out.”

  17. Samantha says:

    Is there some sign of the … devil…. that illuminates when Glenn is under attack to bring out the nutcases?

  18. Manjari says:

    It is so funny that all these nuts come out of the woodwork the minute you mention their dark lord.

  19. La Rêveuse says:

    You can’t prove a prediction until it comes true. THIS CAN’T BE PROVEN UNLESS IT HAPPENS WHICH IT HASN’T.

    Personally, my prediction is that this is all BS. The world is much more likely to devolve into anarchy than to rally under Russia, China and a “Caliphate” state. We can’t get people on this planet to agree on light bulbs, much less uniting under a leader.

  20. Faye says:

    I trust Glenn more than any other person in America to hear the truth about what is really going on here, plus learn alot about our history, and how we got to this mess we are in today. Question everything and THINK! Get your heads out of the sand, before it is too late!

  21. Kikiriki says:

    Oh my GOD, what do these Beck freaks do all day, sit around and obsessively Google His Name and then comment on every single site? Creeeeeeepy.

  22. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    They all have Bat(shit insane) hotlines…

  23. MnMama says:

    @Manjari and @Snarky Mama, I love your posts. You make good points, and I am grateful that there are intelligent moms out there raising kids to not fall for that Glenn Beck crap!

  24. Freeman says:

    As I set here looking out on the Feburary landscape,I can’t hardly

  25. Z rzadka tu zaglądam, ale chyba się to zmieni J Coraz to ciekawsze rzeczy można tutaj ujrzeć. Świetnie napisane, ciekawie i z pasją.

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