It was a White Christmas in the Florida Keys


florida-keysFor the first time in recorded history, a Florida Keys family’s dreams of a White Christmas came true.

Howard and Cyndi Livingston sent their grandson out to play in the snow right on the ocean in the place where it hasn’t snowed in the one hundred thirty-nine years the Weather Service has kept track of weather patterns.

Six-year-old Michael Walker and his buddies have the Weather Channel to thank. Walker’s grandparents, the Livingstons, won the Guaranteed White Christmas contest from the TV channel. They had twenty tons of ice crushed and dropped on their ocean-front home to give their house a White Christmas.

And a bunch of Keys kids got out in shorts and t-shirts, with a rare pair of gloves in the mix, to play in the white stuff.

The irony of watching all those kids over the moon for some snow? I live in a white wonderland and my kid was stuck inside all day – thanks in part to a freezing rain storm that came through just after we finished up Christmas dinner, but as much because it was just another day in New York State for her.

White Christmases, it seems, are wasted on a lot of us. Did your kids go out to play in the snow for the holiday, or did they prefer indoors with the Wii?

Image: allie caulfield via flickr

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