Its a Party! A Swine Flu Party!


1This is one soiree that I would not want to attend. A swine flu party. Apparently there has been talk that swine flu parties are being arranged to expose children to the H1N1 virus early —and giving the kid immunity – before the strain becomes more virulent later on. This would be in the same vein as a classic chicken pox or a measles party.  What do doctors think of this type of event planning? They’re saying skip that shindig.

Although there hasn’t been any word if any swine flu parties have ever gone off, there are still discussions —many in message boards online about forming them if anyone comes down with the illness. History plays a part in this theory. The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was milder the first wave and became more dangerous during it’s second wave. But since little is known about the H1N1 swine flu, putting your child at risk may not be the best prescription.

Would you ever have your kid go to a swine flu party if one was being thrown knowing what could be a positive and/or negative outcome.

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