It's Black Friday: There's An App for That.


Today’s the day! It’s Black Friday. It’s the day that America rises from their collective tryptophan coma and attempts to work off the calories we consumed yesterday by hunting… for parking spots and the best bargains possible. To be honest, I opt out of this particular annual ritual and hole up at home with my dog and my laptop, tuning in only by way of Twitter stream. From what I gather from the sidelines, it’s a popular sport.

Of course, apps galore have popped up to help shoppers make the most of the experience. Let’s say you didn’t quite make it out the door at the crack of dawn. Well, you can still do your investigative pre-shopping on your smart phone as you troll the parking lot for a spot. This is of course assuming that you have a sidekick to drive the car — essential for this particular occasion. Hunting is best done in packs.

In the Apple app store came across one called TGI Black Friday. You can search deals by a number of ways, including store, product category or most recent offer. You’ll find Black Friday ads from major retailers (just in case you missed them amongst the hordes of offers in your email inbox). And ooooh, you can create shopping lists and compare prices right in the app.

Another cool one is called ShopSavvy, which allows you to scan a product’s bar code to read product reviews and compare prices. Whoah! A competitive app is Snaptell, which does the same thing as ShopSavvy but you don’t need the bar code. Just snap a pic of the item you are interested in.

Aaaah, don’t you love technology? Happy Black Friday, all! Play nice with all the other hunters.

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