It's Gonna Be Okay, Dad. It's Just a Game (Video)

It's gonna be okay, dad. It's just a game.

There is nothing like the relationship between dads and their daughters.

I often find myself watching that special bond between my husband and daughter unfold and can’t believe how lucky they both are to have each other in this world.

And so it is with most other dads and daughters. As Brooks Peck reports over on Yahoo’s Dirty Tackle, there was a football (soccer) match between some teams from Europe (if you really care who was playing who you can click over to Dirty Tackle) and one team was eliminated from the playoffs because of a single goal which is, apparently, an especially painful way to go down.

After the match, a midfielder from the losing team – Rogier Meijer – sat on the field, obviously devastated over the loss.  That’s when his adorable daughter Saar, dressed in soccer gear representing dad’s team, marched over to him and put her hand on his shoulder to see if he was okay.

He shakes his head to tell her he’s really upset and falls back on the grass. Then she stands over him, waiting for dad to be okay.  It’s just a few seconds but it sure is sweet.