It's Good to Be Boss: Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Has Nursery Built Next to Her Office


marissa_new4There has been quite an uproar on the internet lately about the new policy that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer established for the employees of Yahoo.

Starting this June, there would no longer be a telecommuting policy making it so that every Yahoo employee would need to come into the office to work. Those most affected, and irked, by this news were parents, many of whom need the flexibility in order to care for the needs of their families.

Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin wrote in her piece Marissa Mayer’s Work-From-Home Ban Is The Exact Opposite Of What CEOs Should Be Doing, “Rather than championing a blending of life and work, she is calling for an enforced and antiquated division. She is telling workers — many of whom were hired with the assurance that they could work remotely — that they’d best get their bottoms into their office chairs, or else.”

It’s a, ‘forget the families and do what is best for company’ mentality. And while many companies are trying to give employees more work/life balance, Yahoo is taking a big step backwards. Oh, except if you happen to be the boss!

Before the dust had a chance to settle on the debate of telecommuting politics and the modern workplace, word leaked that Marissa Mayer doesn’t need to work from home. She is having her home life brought directly to her. She reportedly had a nursery built in her office for her baby. It doesn’t seem very fair now does it, unless they offered this perk to all their employees. I guess that’s why it’s good to be king, or queen in this instance.

If Marissa Mayer gave all her employees this choice, now that could be applauded. Bring your baby to work? Sure! Have your school age kid doing homework at your desk? Why not! Bring that sick toddler to the office to make sure they’re taken care of? Of course! But that, as we all know, would not be practical. It would be distracting, loud, and hectic with the din of crying infants, toddler tantrums and kids just being kids in what is supposed to be a place of business not a daycare. If all employees could bring their kids to work, like Marissa Mayer, I bet that “work from home” policy would be reestablished immediately.

Do you think it’s okay that Marissa Mayer has special treatment for her child, but other working families who rely on working for home for their kids don’t?

Photo Source: Twitter/ Marissa Mayer

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