It's Here! The Mother of All Lists: Babble's Top 50 Mom Bloggers

Mr. Lady of Whiskey in My Sippy Cup.

A week before I started writing for Strollerderby, I leaked the news of my soon-to-be gig to a mom-blogger friend of mine. I was surprised when she acted as if she hadn’t heard of Babble. So I pressed her a bit, only to hear her say “Wait, are they the ones who put out all those lists I’m never on?”

My friend was familiar with Babble. But not only that, she was also familiar with Babble’s annual top 50 mom bloggers — disappointed, even, that she didn’t make the 2009 list. Not that she was bitter. She wasn’t. She just knew what an honor it was to be included in this group. After all, they’re picked by veterans of the mom blogosphere — fellow mom bloggers, parenting writers and editors — who know whereof they vote. And my friend’s not the only one who recognizes this. Another blogger recently described Babble’s list as “better than the Emmys.”

While that may be up for debate, there’s one thing that’s not: The 50 folks who made this list are among the most talented, clever and thought-provoking parents writing on the Internet today. Here are my faves from four of Babble’s Top Mom Blog categories: funniest, best written, most controversial, and overall best.

Now, I know what y’all are thinking — this guy’s not qualified to give his opinion on mom bloggers. After all, he’s a dad blogger. True. But I’m happy to say that I’ve followed many of these bloggers ever since I started blogging. I’ve even interviewed one of them. (Her name rhymes with Dooce. Oh, wait. Her name is Dooce.) And not only has that interaction helped me become a better blogger, but it’s also helped me become a better husband and father.

And if that’s not enough to convince you that I’m qualified to offer my opinion, perhaps this will. I’ve only been writing at Babble for a few weeks now, and I’ve already started to lactate. So that should count for something.

Now, without further ado here are my picks in the 4 aforementioned categories:

Funniest: When it comes to delivering the ha-ha, Jenny, aka the Bloggess, is my pick. Not only is she money with the funny, but she also rocks a top-notch avatar. But I don’t recommend visiting her blog if you’re sanctimonious, easily offended, or both of the above. Because her obvious talents would be lost on you. Babble nailed it when they described her as “routinely hysterical, vulgar, or both.”

In addition to 3rd funniest, the Bloggess was 6th most controversial, and #11 overall.

Best Written: It’s only fair for me to disclose that my selection for best written, Katie Allision Granju, aka Mama Pundit, is a woman I know in real life. If anything, however, that would make me less likely to pick her. But Katie’s ability to tackle the most painful parenting issue imaginable with simple, earnest, and beautiful language makes her impossible to overlook. In a world where everyone drops F bombs while trying to wow you with their snark, Katie’s a throw-back. Having the ability to make someone laugh means you’re a good writer. But having the ability to make someone cry means you’re a great one.

In addition to 10th best written, Mama Pundit was 43rd overall.

Most Controversial: Seems to me the name is the most controversial thing about Whiskey in My Sippy Cup by Mr. Lady — that and the fact that she’s is not afraid to share. Which is a good thing. Because Mr. Lady effortlessly draws her readers in, whether it’s through the use of a clever metaphor, or simply by the power of her words. Frankly, I was surprised she wasn’t among the top 10 in best written. She’s that good.

In addition to 7th most controversial, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup was 30th overall.

Best Overall: Babble got it right on this one. Lisa Belkin, of NYT’s Motherlode, is my choice for best mom blogger, too. And one key reason is her versatility. You never know what you’re going to get when you visit. It could be her opinion on a story that’s sweeping the nation. Or it could be a story you would have never even heard about were it not for her bringing it to your attention. Or, perhaps just a story from one of her guest bloggers. Regardless of what you’re reading, it’s virtually guaranteed to make you think.

In addition to 1st overall, Motherlode was 2nd most controversial, and 3rd most useful.

So there’s my take on some of the categories within this year’s list. But what do I know? I’m just some poor clown who’s sitting over here lactating. Check it out for yourself and come back with your take on Babble’s list of top 50 Mom Bloggers. Who do you think is the most controversial, funniest, most confessional, best design, most useful, and best written? Do you agree with some of my picks? Let me know!

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