It's National Pancake Day 2011: Take the Kids for FREE Pancakes at IHOP Today!


IHOP: National Pancake Day

One things kids love? Pancakes. Actually, come to think of it, most adults love pancakes too. And you know what else adults love? Getting something for free. That’s what makes International House of Pancakes’ National Pancake Day 2011 so tempting…and delicious. The chain is offering free pancakes for everyone today, Tuesday March 1st. IHOP has been celebrating National Pancake Day with their free pancakes since 2006.  How do you get in on the deal?

IHOP will give a short stack of three of their pancakes for free all day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.. So, if you’re in the mood for pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re in luck. But they are asking that you donate some spare change (or more) to their charity of choice the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They hope to raise 2.3 million this year.
You can use this handy IHOP locator to find the nearest pancake dispensary near you.