It's Official - Instagram Video is Here


Instagram Video is HereInstagram video is here! As rumored earlier this week, today’s Facebook event featured Mark Zuckerburg announcing that Instagram would no longer be just for photos. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram led the event and revealed that 16 billion photos have been share on Instagram and that the service sees 1 billion likes a day, and has 130 million active users each month.


So when will Instagram video be ready for release? As soon as you update your app, and it’s ready for both iOS and Android.  Update your Instagram app to 4.0 and start playing around with video.

Instagram’s video differs from Vine a few ways. For one, the video only plays once – where Vine loops.  Instagram users can create 15-second videos, and there are 13 filters specific to the video function. Vine is limited to 7 seconds, with no filters.  I am hoping that Instagram adds in Flickr sharing on video, I really like archiving all of my goods there.

My thoughts so far? I would love to tell you but my video has been processing for the last 45 minutes.WOMP!

Download the latest Instagram update and let us know what you think of Instagram with video!

h/t Digital Trends

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