It's Official - Madonna Gets Mercy


snn0903z_280_820991a-1What Madonna wants, Madonna gets.  This Friday a Malawi court ruled that the pop star could legally adopt Mercy, a 3-year-old girl living in an orphanage there. Originally some red tape mucked up the works on the adoption, with a law saying that a potential parent must reside in the country for 18 months. The judge at the time said that  “By removing the very safeguard that is supposed to protect our children, the courts by their pronouncements could actually facilitate trafficking of children by some unscrupulous individuals.” This is where Madonna power and fortune comes in. Her lawyers were able to appeal the decision and the highest court in the land overturned the ruling by a lower court. Three judges agreed that the pop star would be able to bring Mercy to the United States.  Madonna was able to have the same condition swept away when she adopted her other Malawi child David , also age 3.

Madonna is reportedly ecstatic at the news.  The paper work should only take a 3-5 days in which the Madonna team can prepare for the new member of the family and get the private jet to whisk in to take Mercy away from a life of poverty to her new life basking in fame and fortune.

Do you think the court bowed to the Madge’s power? 



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