James Lipton Makes Anti-Texting PSAs Hilarious


james-lipton-psaYou’d expect a celebrity like Beyonce or Leonardo DiCaprio to be used to grab teenagers’ attention. But James Lipton?

LG has enlisted the Inside the Actors Studio host to warn teens about the dangers of texting rumors and obscenity in a series of PSAs that rely heavily on a fake beard. Perhaps LG thought kids would be swayed by Lipton’s disarming yet authoritative manner?

Or maybe it’s just the fact that there are few people in the world who could make the line, “The last thing he needs is tweets about his beets,” more hilarious than Lipton. I’m not sure the PSAs are going to have a huge effect on their target audience. But, as someone who is no danger of texting a “pic of my junk” or a starting a high school catfight via text message, I have to say I found these ads pretty hilarious.

Here’s the complete series:

According to a teacher over at AdFreak, a class of ninth graders greeted the series with less beard-stroking pontification than the PSA creators would have liked: “Why does she have a beard?” the high schoolers asked. “I don’t get it. That’s retarded.”

Oh well. That reaction is, after all, part of the humor of these ads.

Photo: New York Magazine

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