Jamie Oliver Wants You! (To Join the Food Revolution)


lrg_253Jamie Oliver is taking his show on the road. Following the wildly successful debut of his new show, Jaimie Oliver’s Food Revolution, the popular British chef is soliciting signatures on a petition he intends to present to Washington demanding reform of school lunch offerings.

Oliver, an unlikely food activist from a working class British background, has spent months in West Virginia trying to reform the eating habits of an unhealthy American small town. He’s made a special cause for improving children’s school lunches.

Now he’s taking his message to the White House. Oliver wants to solicit as many signatures as possible on a simple petition asking the government to reform nutrition standards in our nation’s schools. The petition reads:

I support the Food Revolution. America’s kids need better food at school and better health prospects. We need to keep cooking skills alive.

That’s a message any foodie can get behind. It’s a little vague as a platform for legal reform, but a great sound bite for a growing movement. And the movement is growing: Oliver has the attention of the masses at the moment, not just the New York Times reading, Michael Pollan loving food geeks.

If you want to help him carry that momentum toward real change on school lunch menus, you can sign the petition.