Jamie Oliver's Wish: Teach Every Child About Food And Help Fight Obesity


hp_img_jamie2010Jamie Oliver, aka the “Naked Chef” has become a household name due to his multi-media food empire made up of TV shows, books, cookware and magazines.  But this week, he was recognized by the TED organization with a $100,000 prize, not for what he’s done, but for what he wants to see done in the future –  teach every child (and their families) about food and to create change on the individual and governmental level.  Oh we love this man.

Jamie was awarded the prestigious TED Prize for 2010 for his ambitious plan to revolutionize how Americans view (and eat and cook of course) food and to join the fight against obesity.  Lucky for Jamie,  his award (and his overall plan — see below) nicely dovetailed with Michelle Obama’s nutrition reform plan and her personal mission to tackle the obesity epidemic.

While the timing was completely coincidental,  the TED folks (and healthy eating advocates everywhere!) were excited to have their message echoed by the First Lady and carried beyond the audience of lucky attendees at the tony TED conference in Long Beach, California.

So what’s next for Jamie, now that he has his prize in hand?  Here’s his plan:

I want to set up an organization to create a popular movement that will inspire people to change the way they eat. The movement will do this by establishing a network of community kitchens; launching a travelling food theater that will teach kids practical food and cooking skills in an entertaining way and provide basic training for parents and professionals; and bringing millions of people together through an online community to drive the fight against obesity. The grassroots movement must also challenge corporate America to support meaningful programs that will change the culture of junk food.

Watch the TED video here (and get involved by signing Jamie’s petition at Jamies Food Revolution. :

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