Twitter Offers JC Penney Better Messages For Girls' T-Shirts With #PutThatOnATShirtJCPenney Hashtag


It was the T-Shirt heard around the world wide web causing outrage! and tweets! and then promptly pulled from the JC Penney website. It’s been days now and people are still talking about it and even started a hashtag.

The shirt read (in annoying fonts mind you) “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” People were on fire either bashing the tacky top or telling the rioters to “lighten up it’s just a t-shirt.” But another group started suggesting better sayings for girls’ t-shirts and hashtagged their responses with #PutThatOnATShirtJCPenney. What do you say about the great T-ShirtGate? Give us your best #PutThatOnATShirtJCPenney































































Speaking of Katie Makkai… have you seen her rocking poetry slam with “Pretty”? (Language warning.)

Put THAT on a t-shirt, JC Penney.

hat tip @emergingmummy
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