Jean and Scott Adam: Yes Kids, Pirates Are Real: Should We Encourage Our Kids To Celebrate Criminals?


Kids? They love pirates. Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, or pretty much anyone wearing an eye patch, a pirate hat and/or flying the Jolly Rodger is intriguing for the  under ten-set.

The pirate themed party is a birthday staple and shirts with skulls and crossbones are all the rage. But should we be okay with our children idolizing pirates? Especially with real life piracy still alive and well, like in the case of Jean and Scott Adam, the American yachters who have been hijacked on the high seas.

Jean and Scott Adam have been sailing around the world since 2004 on their ship The Quest and have been handing out bibles. They were reportedly attacked and captured by a group of pirates off the coast of Somalia.

And they are not alone in being captured by pirates. It’s been reported that “Pirates currently hold 30 ships and more than 660 hostages, not counting the attack against the Quest.”

With piracy being a real life issue, one that is not all feather plumed hats and treasure chests, should the iconography and legend of these criminals be celebrated by our children?

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