Jill Smokler (aka Scary Mommy) Book Release!


It gives me such great joy to see the smart, creative, and gorgeous women I’ve gotten to know in the blogosphere have amazing success, so I couldn’t be more pleased to tell you about one of our best and brightest making the transition from blog to book next month: Jill Smockler of Scary Mommy!

I was lucky enough to actually get a copy of Jill’s book a bit early and I must say: it’s a delight. Funny, charming, engaging and highly prone to making me laugh my head off. I read the whole thing in just a few days. Called Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood The Good, The Bad, and the Scary, readers of Jill’s blog will find the book to be like dipping into your favorite posts. New readers will finally find out what they are missing not reading Jill’s great site.

In a sea of mom blogs that often portray perfect, happy families Jill has always stood out as someone willing to talk about the bad parts of parenting. Her motto? “Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Jill weaves stories of her life with three kids ((Lily, 8, Ben, 6 and Evan, 4) into a humorous and revealing look at modern parenting. While her blog may have started as a simple online journal, it has grown into an incredible industry. Her site garners 1.5 million page views a month, and offers a forum for parents and bloggers alike called the Scary Mommy Society where bloggers can share their stories publicly and then there’s the Scary Mommy Confessional where moms can post their secret confessions completely anonymously (and is supported by an app for the iPhone).

Trust me, if you read the Confessional regularly you will feel FAR less alone in your own parenting foibles.

You can pre-order Jill’s book now. Here’s the preview for the book below: enjoy!

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