Jimmy Kimmel Is At It Again! Kids Spill Their Hilarious Secrets During Fake Lie Detector Tests (Video)


Infamous among children who are the constant victims of his pranks, Jimmy Kimmel is at it again! First there was the one where he asked parents to film their children’s reaction to the news that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy. Next he asked viewers to film their kids opening the worst Christmas gifts ever including an old banana, an onion, and a battery which caused one child to scream “You stupid parents…I hate you!” Then he kicked it up a notch by asking people to “Silverstone” or pre-chew their children’s food and upload their children’s reaction to YouTube.

For his latest shenanigan, Kimmel has taken matters into his own hands. Posing as a police detective, he hooks children up to a “high tech” machine that includes an upturned colander as a hat, a few wires, and a buzzer that alerts him when the children are lying. Kimmel questions the children with the help of a man dressed in a pink tutu and wings he introduces as the “truth fairy.”

The result? Children dish on everything from their girlfriends, which of their parents they think is smarter, and whether or not they pick and eat the contents of their nose. So far there have been three installments of “Jimmy Kimmel, Lie Detective,” but the second with 4-year-old Aaron is my favorite.

Watch the clip here:



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