Jimmy Kimmel Is Mean — Asks Parents to Give Kids Terrible Presents (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel is Mean

Jimmy Kimmel is mean. Seriously. What does he have against children?

The late-night host put a call out to parents to let their kids open one present a couple weeks early. But he instructed them to make sure it isn’t a “good present,” and to “make it something they don’t want.” He then asked them to tape their child’s response and share it with the world via YouTube.

And parents? They did his bidding and totally pranked their unsuspecting kids with hilarious (and heartbreaking) reactions.  As Jimmy said — “a lot of the kids reacted poorly.”  And we’re taking BAD presents. Like an old banana, a half full bottle of juice, a battery, and an onion. One boy started to cry when he received a “girl activity book with stickers.” And another has a full-blown tantrum when he is given a Hello Kitty shirt, screaming, “You stupid parents…I hate you!”

One adorable little girl took the disappointment in a much more mature way after being given a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich saying, “I appreciate her getting us a present, but I didn’t know it would be like that. ”

Check out the super funny video from Jimmy Kimmel right here!

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