Jimmy Kimmel's Viewers "Silverstone" Kids' Food, Capture Reactions (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Alicia Silverstone food prank on kids video
Jimmy Kimmel viewers prank kids with pre-chewed food

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again putting out a call for parents to terrorize their kids with a new prank that involved pre-chewing their children’s food.

Taking a page from the Alicia Silverstone handbook for feeding your kids, Kimmel asked viewers to “Silverstone” their children that is, pre-chew their food and record their reactions.

Parents uploaded their “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid!” videos on YouTube and Kimmel’s team assembled this reel of the highlights.

Witness the kid who can’t breathe, the looks of disgust and bewilderment heck, some of these kids actually try the pre-chewed mush!

My favorite, however, is the teenager at 3:13, who seems to have been subjected to one of Kimmel’s pranks before. She asks, “What is this, another Jimmy Kimmel thing?”

She follows it up with a message to the late night host: “Hi Jimmy Kimmel. You suck!”

Kimmel has taken heat before for his past pranks – do you think these go too far or are they in good fun?

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