Joe Paterno to Retire in Midst of Penn State Scandal

Joe Pa
Joe Paterno will retire from coaching Penn State football.

On Monday, we told you all about the terrible child molestation scandal at Penn State involving the university’s former coach Jerry Sandusky.  We asked out loud why legendary coach Joe Paterno didn’t do more to make sure the proper authorities were aware of allegations by a witness to one of the incidents, aside from informing the chain of command.

We weren’t the only ones asking and as of this morning USA Today is reporting that Joe Pa, as he is affectionately known, has decided to retire at the end of the season.

Sports columnists and fans alike have started to question the leadership at Penn State for not doing more to protect the health and safety of the boys who were allegedly harmed by Jerry Sandusky. (To learn more about the scandal, click here.)  While discussions were had about Sandusky’s alleged behavior, no one at Penn State ever called the police, including Joe Paterno.

ABC News says that while the university’s board of trustees was holding an emergency meeting last night on how to deal with the scandal, students rallied outside Paterno’s house, chanting his name in support.  He spoke to the crowd briefly and thanked them.

This is a sad way to leave such an incredible career.  As outlined by USA Today, Joe Paterno is “… in his 46th season as coach of Penn State and his 409 victories are the most among major college coaches.”  There have been expectations for the last several years that he would retire soon because he is now 84 years old, but I’m sure going out on a low note was not his plan.  Yet, he could have done something.  He could have picked up the phone and called and helped stop the abuse.

Anonymous sources say the official announcement will come from Coach Paterno today.