Joel McHale on Sesame Street: McHale Defines "Prickly" (Video)

Joel McHale Sesame Street video
Watch Joel McHale on Sesame Street

As if I needed further reason to crush on Joel McHale, watch the cutie in this clip from Sesame Street.

I’m a faithful “Community” fan, watch The Soup ever week, and follow McHale on Twitter. Simply put, I can’t get enough of him.

In this Sesame Street video clip, McHale explains the word “prickly” to young viewers. And naturally, it’s nothing short of adorable, as he gets a little help from some prickly pals.

Seriously, just look at that smile and try not to fall in love.

Also? He’s got to be his kids’ hero for doing this, right?

McHale explains, “The word prickly means covered in sharp points, and I’m going to show you some prickly things” – a cactus, pineapple, and porcupine help out, but that group hug looks uncomfortable.

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