John Edwards Engaged: If True, Does It Bother You?

Should we cut it, or throw it at him?

Politicians are a lot like sausage. Once you see them made, you can never look at them the same way again. And I think that’s what the nation’s problem with John Edwards is. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not (quite) cynical enough to believe that all politicians are as deceitful as Edwards was proven to be. And I don’t necessarily think that having a mistress is a prerequisite for becoming a politician.

But I do think that the world got a retroactive glimpse of how Edwards, the politician, was being made as he campaigned for presidency. And let’s face it, folks. The view was horrifying. There’s no debating that. But my question to you today is the following:

What do you think about the view you’re seeing now?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a huge rumor going around about John Edwards and his baby’s mama, Rielle Hunter. According to CBS, the National Enquirer is reporting that Edwards and Hunter are engaged. A CBS source close to the Edwards family, however, is denying that report.

I suppose only time will tell. For the moment, all we can do is speculate. And as I do just that, I find myself almost personally vested in the potential scandal because of my family’s history. Both my mom and my dad had spouses who predeceased them. And I know for a fact that they each mourned the loss of their spouses profoundly and for quite sometime. Such a mourning period was necessary and healthy. Not only for them, but also for their children. But eventually every loved one who’s been left behind must balance two things: the need to grieve and the need to move on. My parents and their children were no exception. And in the process of moving on, Mom and Dad eventually fell in love and got married. They blended their two families into the only one I ever knew—a happy and healthy family comprised of happy and healthy children, all made possible by an appropriate and necessary grieving period.

As I ponder Edwards’ situation, I truly hope that the rumor is false. I know that he and Elisabeth were estranged. And I obviously know about the affair. But even if Edwards, himself, doesn’t need time to grieve, his children do. And the last thing their fresh wound needs is the salt of media scrutiny which would surely accompany such an announcement.

But if the rumor is true, it’s dripping with irony. For it would mean that a man best known for his deceit as it pertained to his relationship with his wife has chosen to openly and honestly celebrate his one-time adulterous love while an entire nation looks on in shock, wishing he’d chosen to deceive us just one more time.

At least for a little while.

What do you think? True or false? And if true, how do you feel about it as it pertains to Edwards’ children?

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