John Grisham Turns to Kiddie Lit


the-firmIf you’re hoping your kid will be inspired to go to law school one day and rake in the big bucks, John Grisham may be the man to convince them.

But you won’t have to dumb down “The Firm” for your tot. The best-selling author is turning his attention to children’s literature this spring.

Penguin Young Readers Group announced yesterday that Grisham will be writing his ” first-ever children’s books series,” for the publishing house, kicking things off in May with Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer.

Centered on the unlikely story of a thirteen-year-old, amateur attorney who unwittingly becomes involved in a high-profile murder trial, it’s will be kids’ introduction to both the legal system and “Theo,” a character Grisham plans to continue writing about.

Grisham has his detractors. With two hundred fifty million books in print, he’s been called a bit of a pulp fiction writer. But writers making the sort of dough he rakes in rarely turn to children’s literature this late in the game.

Probably because they don’t need to! But with so many Grisham books on the shelves, and in turn so many parents reading them, this could be a great boon for parents of the eight-to-twelve set. It allows them to entice their reluctant readers with an “adult” book like Mom and Dads without adult content.

Will you be introducing your kids to Theo Boone?

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