Jon Gosselin Worries His Kids Will Google Him. Do You?


jon-gosselin-on-googleBig confession here: I got suckered in and watched the “announcement” episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Monday. And I’ve got to say, Jon Gosselin’s right.

He should worry about what his kids will find when they Google him down the road (or whatever mega search engine is making our kids crazy ten years on . . . remember Alta Vista? Lycos?).

Here’s a little taste of what I found, just on YouTube (where typing “Jon Gosselin” automatically brings up the word “partying”):

The stuff on his soon-to-be ex-wife Kate isn’t much better (I’m all for equal opportunity bashing here). In that vein, I looked up myself. A few stories I’ve written for Babble, some for the newspaper where I work, my own blog, and a magazine where I work. Not much else.

Of course, I’m not raking in millions of dollars from a TV show about my life (I’m not raking in millions of dollars period!), so no one’s writing about my partying or my salary (see above). But I’m happy to report there’s blessedly little embarrassing about me available via Google. Honest stuff – mostly ABOUT parenting, sure. But my daughter isn’t going to find something I drunk-typed at 3 a.m. on a random blog.

What about you? Do you worry what your kids might find out there on the world wide web?

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