Jon Stewart on the War on Women (with a Little Cameo by Me!)

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Jon Stewart... and me!

Being a single mother with a busy writing and performance schedule, I don’t get to spend very much time watching TV, but I try my best to watch the Stewart/Colbert hour on Comedy Central every night as a little treat to myself. I know some of the kids who work at The Daily Show, and those of you who follow my posts here on Srollerderby know that Stephen Colbert is pretty much my comedy and life idol. So imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I saw myself in the midst of Jon Stewart’s opening bit about the Hilary Rosen/Ann Romney affair! Stewart makes a lot of brilliant points about Romney’s use of women in his campaign in the video below – and – I’m shown for several seconds, albeit without speaking, thanks to my recent appearance on Fox News. Take a look: