Jonathan Foster, Missing Since Christmas Eve, Possibly Found

jonathan foster
Jonathan Foster's body may have been found.

Missing 12-year-old Texas boy Jonathan Foster may have been found this morning.  Police are trying to identify a badly burned body discovered in a ditch at 9:28 am today in Houston.  According to The Houston Chronicle, “Police believe the body was burned elsewhere and dumped there” as “there were no signs of fire around the ditch.”

Foster is a fifth-grader at Durham Elementary and has been missing since Christmas Eve.  An Amber Alert was placed for Foster late yesterday.  Jonathan’s mother and step-father live in the same apartment complex, and both parties are cooperating with investigators.  Foster’s extended family members live nearby, and the pre-teen would often spend time at their homes as well, the Chronicle reports.

The Houston police department has said, “Until an identification is made, police will continue searching for Jonathan.”  Volunteers in the case were looking today for scorched land and sources say volunteers found “what was described as a burn site in the 9500 block of Bauman near Tidwell.  The site is about 1 mile from where the child’s body was found this morning.”  Foster’s grandmother told reporters, “I believe he’s out there, I believe he’ll be found.  Whoever has got him, let him go.”

We will keep you updated as news on this story develops.

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