Judge Shocks Bratty Teen With Awesomeness In The Courtroom (Video)



I don’t have a teenager, yet, but if I did I’m sure watching this video would make my soul sing even louder than it is right now.

I forgot how awful teen girls can be. And then I watched this video of  Penelope Soto, 18, in bond court this week. According to The Huffington Post she’s charged with possessing Xanax.

From start to finish you want to slap her. Yes, really. Watch the video and see if you don’t have the same impulse. The giggly girl approaches the bench to talk to the judge who eventually sets her bond at $5,000.

That’s when the snide teen tells the judge “Adios.”

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat obviously doesn’t go in for that kind of crap in his courtroom so he doubles her bail.

“Are you serious?” a shocked Soto says.

“I am serious! ‘Adios!'” replied the totally bitchen judge.

And that’s when Soto made yet another blunder that led to the judge slamming her with a 30 day jail sentence. Watch and enjoy.


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