Jules Verne Restaurant: The Best Place to Toast the Google Logo Today

Google Doodle
Today's Google Doodle pays tribute to the 183rd birthday of science fiction writer Jules Verne

There are the basic birthday celebrations, like the ones with balloons, cake and pin the tail on the donkey. And then there are Google-style celebrations, with Google Doodles. Today is the 183rd anniversary of the birth of author Jules Verne, and Google is honoring the “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” writer with a special Google logo that depicts a deep sea adventure.

Google Doodles are the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo on its homepage to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and famous artists and scientists. Past Doodles have included the advent of Spring, the birthday of Albert Einstein and the anniversary of the understanding of DNA. Changing the logo has been a Google tradition since 1998.

If your kids weren’t so interested in what happens under the sea before, show them today’s Google Doodle and be prepared for a barrage of questions. The Google Doodle features divers, marine life, and other treasures. Although if they’re prone to seasickness, beware of that too as you look through the porthole.

Verne died in 1905 and is considered to be the father of science fiction. He wrote about air, sea and space travel long before they were conceived in real life. Other books by him include A Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty Days. He is said to be the single most translated author in the world.

If you can’t make it to Le Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower tonight to drink a toast to the late great author, why not cook up a nautical theme at dinner (fish sticks?) and talk to your kids about the wonder of his books. Just make sure you have the actual volumes on hand for when they’re clamoring to read them instead of watch TV after the dishes are watched.