They Say: Tell The Kids You Toked


marijuana1Should Whitney Houston have disclosed all the dirty details of her  freebasing past? Was it a necessary cautionary tale, or would the revelation make her teen daughter, Bobbi Kristina, want to pick up the pipe?

A new study says blab away.  Conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of the Hazelden Foundation, the survey discovered that the majority of teens would turn to their parents as the primary source of alcohol and drug info given the chance.

Check out these stats:

67% of kids surveyed confirmed that their parents did in fact have a heart to heart with them about drug and alcohol usage.  Of those, a whopping 95% of them really wanted to hear about their parents’ experimentation.  In fact,  they felt that the disclosure would make them less likely to use drugs.

The Hazeldon Foundation is so pumped by the findings that they’ve begun a nationwide campaign to encourage parents and teens to have these conversations. Four Generations Overcoming Addiction focuses on opening up the lines of communication between all age groups.

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