Just Write Tuesdays: Fun Project from The Extraordinary Ordinary Blog


If you haven’t heard about Just Write, a project launched in September by Heather of the blog The Extraordinary Ordinary, you’re missing out on something magical happening in the blogosphere right now.

Every Tuesday, Just Write asks bloggers to, well, just write. Heather says, “I had this idea because I love both reading and writing things that are freely written in the moment, things that are descriptive of experience. Whether that be in the actual moment or within a day or two of living something, I don’t care. I just think the details need to be fresh for the writer and then typed without over-thinking in an effort to clarify.”

Just Write reminds me, in a way, of the free writing I did in many of my creative writing classes and that I in turn asked my students to do when I was teaching writing. It’s a great way to stamp out your inner editor that starts to tell you your post sucks even before you start writing them (don’t have one of those? you are BLESSED). In fact, free writing is one of the key tricks to fighting off writer’s block and boredom.

I’ve actually become so enamored of Just Write that I’m doing a version of it every day, and have been since November 7th. I’ve found that free writing has been the best way I’ve found yet to getting back in touch with the more introspective writing I love to do.

But even better than the joy I’ve personally had in the writing exercise has been reading the posts by other writers. Every Tuesday Heather features a link where anyone that wants to participate can post; not only do you get to do a great writing exercise but you also get to both find new bloggers to read and expose your blog to people you might not know. I find myself falling into the posts each week, just loving the opportunity to slip into other people’s lives for a moment.

If you’re interested in checking out Just Write, drop by Heather’s blog tomorrow. You won’t be sorry.

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