Justice! Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty - What Now?

Jerry Sandusky

The court of public opinion can rest tonight.  Jerry Sandusky, the infamous Penn State assistant football coach,  was found guilty of child molestation.  He was found guilty of 45 of the 48 counts against him a stunning display of legal guilt.

The jury reached their verdict after twenty hours of deliberation. And while they were sequestered, there was even more evidence against Sandusky, with the statement from his adopted son another alleged victim of his sexual abuse.  In addition, there were ten boys who said Sandusky took advantage of them over a period of fifteen years.

So what happens now?

After the verdict was read, Sandusky was unemotional and reportedly stoic. He was then whisked away to the county jail, handcuffed and his bail was revoked.  He won’t be sentenced for weeks or months, but many are saying he will probably be facing life behind bars, with a sentence that could add up to 442 years.  There are also criminal charges pending against two college administrators who did not report the abuse, as well as various civil suits filed from Sandusky’s victims.

But beyond the jail time and the ongoing legal battle, the biggest repercussions are the emotion damages done to Sandusky’s victims: those boys who trusted the once-respected coach. Sandusky will be punished with his jail time for his acts, but his victims will be forever haunted by the abuse they were afflicted with by this man.

Many now feel justice has been served. Were you surprised by the outcome?

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