Justin Bieber Cut His Hair: Will Kids Be Flocking to their Barbers Again?


Justin BieberI recently made a journey to a mall in a close by suburb and I was in for a style surprise. Justin Bieber’s side bang sweep was everywhere. Boys from 10 to 18 were proudly sporting this iconic do.

From what I understand, not that many boys are actually listening and watching Justin Bieber videos over and over. It’s more of a girl thing. But boys? They like girls and they want the girls to in turn -like them. The answer? Get Justin Bieber’s hair.

But also in the Bieber-do mix at the mall were little boys around the age of 6 or 7. They weren’t trying to vie for the girls attention. It’s looked to be more of a style choice that was determined by their parents. So where does a parent draw the line on branding their child with a “style”? And will they resent them later?
If it’s just basic haircut, then there is no harm. But when a kid is given something aggressively trendy, that wasn’t their choosing, that could open up the child to taunting and teasing from their peers. And looking back, their son may resent their parents for that year of Bieber hair.

Do you think it’s okay to give your kid, when they’re too young to give their opinion, a “statement” style. Or do you go with a classic or basic look and let their own style develop and shine through?

Plus Justin Bieber just got his hair cut, so does that mean these parents will be taking their kids back in to the barbers to mimic the new do?

Photo: Justin Bieber Baby LP

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