Kardashian Sisters Battle Over Breastfeeding


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian may be repulsed by the sight of a woman breastfeeding in public, but her sister Kourtney thinks nothing of pumping her breasts on TV.

FameCrawler reports that Kourtney pumped her breasts  while tipsy and then tossed the breast milk at her sister Khloe on their show “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.”

Kourtney said she had to dump her expressed milk since it showed traces of alcohol.”This has alcohol in it so it’s for you,” Kourtney joked as she threw it at her sister.

Wonder what Kim thinks about the spectacle. Kim recently created an online outroar when she tweeted  “EWW!” after spotting a woman breastfeeding at a restaurant. After critics slammed her for not supporting a woman’s right to breastfeed in public, Kim said that what really bugged her was that the woman was changing the kid’s diaper at the table. She sent a follow-up tweet: “My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing, there’s nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed.”

Since when has Kim, who has posed for Playboy, been concerned about exposing her breasts? Seems like a double standard to me. It’s okay to expose your breasts for money, but not to feed your baby?

What do you think Kim has to say about Kourtney pumping on TV? Take a look at the video below.