Kate Gosselin Says She's "Ready To Date Again", Men Everywhere Say…"Uh, No Thanks."


Dating as a single mom can’t be easy. Dealing with those tricky “when to introduce the new guy to the kids” questions, trying to balance your romantic life with your little ones’ needs, possible interference from a jealous ex…there’s a lot to consider. But what if you were trying to date with eight young children? And what if six of those kids were septuplets? And what if you were…Kate Gosselin?

It’s true that Kate’s looking pretty hot these days, and this morning she told the Today show that she’s ready to start dating again. But I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to entice any guy into getting serious with her.

As a mom of five who can barely find the time to date my own husband, I wonder how she’ll be able to work dating in around six kids. Can you imagine all the cell phone calls from the babysitter, just as the conversation is getting interesting? Trying to pry six pair of small arms off of your leg while you’re running out the door? Or trying to plan your dating life around eight kids’ worth of activities and extracurriculars?

She’s probably got a lot of help with the kids which will make dating easier, but at some point, anyone she gets serious with will be taking on the a very large family (and it’ll probably have to be somebody who doesn’t want babies of his own.) And who would want to become part of the media circus that is her life?

But maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Do you think Kate Gosselin’s dating life stands a chance?