Katie Couric Investigates 'The Sillies", Caught On Tape Bullying Kids (VIDEO!)


Seasoned journalist Katie Couric is being accused of bullying a bunch of pre-school age children.

Couric was doing an investigative report on The Sillies. Specifically, how a popular playtime chant that promises children they can “shake the sillies out” doesn’t even work.

Apparently, a just released report by the Center For Pediatric Science concludes The Sillies are connected to the brain’s Crazy Lobe and not the cooties or heeby jeebies as previously reported.

Couric gathers a bunch of children to discuss The Sillies and tells them they are living a lie.  The children are shattered.  And the whole thing was caught on tape!

Okay, so it was really all a part of a Funny Or Die sketch that coincided with a profile Couric did of the web comedy giant for “CBS Sunday Morning.”

You can see Couric rocking young lives with the truth about ‘The Sillies’ after the jump.


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