Katie Holmes Defends Suri's High Heels


suris-high-heelsKatie Holmes has gotten a lot of flak in the last few months for letting three-year-old Suri wear high heels to both fancy events and regular family outings. Holmes has finally broken down and offered an explanation for her daughter’s unusual footwear.

She told Access Hollywood, “She, like every little girl, she loves my high heels. They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them.”

In other words, Holmes probably couldn’t withstand a tantrum about high heels, but she also couldn’t let Suri go out in plastic dress-up pumps.

I feel for Holmes for the fact that she has to defend her childcare decisions to the world. Imagine if someone judged you for every single questionable compromise you made for the sake of avoiding a tantrum. But the fact is, kids love a lot of things that we shouldn’t let them do, like eating chocolate cake for breakfast and finger-painting on the walls.

Ballroom dancing shoes are more supportive than stilettos, but they’re still not intended to be worn everyday on tiny, growing feet. Just looking at Suri’s shoes makes my toes feel squished and my ankles ache. I don’t need an expert to tell me that such footwear is terrible for the back and feet. I remember looking at my grandmother’s misshapen feet and twisted ankles as she lay in a hospital bed for the last year of her life, from years of wearing high heels.

I still wear heels once in a while, but certainly not every time I go out. And I didn’t start wearing them well before I was capable of rational thought.

Do you think Suri’s “ballroom dancing shoes” are a healthy compromise for both Mom and daughter? Or is Holmes taking risks with her daughter in order to avoid a tantrum?

Photo: E! Online