Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long


Worried your kids will lose newly learned reading skills over summer break? Target and Search Institute, a Minneapolis nonprofit, have partnered up to provide parents and kids with creative reading tips to last the whole summer long.

Just click on the Play + Learn tab on Target’s Facebook page to find new creative tips through the month of July.

Here are a few to get you started:

My favorite: “Create an outdoor book nook. Find a perfect little corner of your yard, deck, or community park to make a cozy secret spot for curling up with some good books,” suggests Target. “Fill it with picnic blankets, pillows, snacks and a pile of books for your kids to pore over.”

Read under the stars: “Go outside for bedtime stories under the stars with a blanket, a flashlight and a favorite book to share with your kids,” says Target. Literacy and nature provide kids with so many opportunities for learning.

Get crafty: Target suggest taking a nature walk and having kids glue their finds to a bookmark. Or, you can protect books while at the beach or pool by covering the book in construction paper or with a paper grocery bag cover. Kids can decorate the cover to make it their own, and the book stays clean and dry!

My own kids take a break most afternoons where we either read together or they cool off by reading on their own in their rooms.  A friend of mine uses reading as currancy — 20 minutes with a good book before his kids can play for 20 minutes on the Wii.  And while at a Drop Everything and Read even last week, I learned an easy way to make blank books out of a paper lunch bag — a great canvas for kids to make up their own stories.  (Simply fold the flat paper bag in half from top to bottom to make a cover, cut doodle paper to size and stick in the middle.  Bind with yarn.)

What’s your favorite way to keep kids reading in the summer months?